Back To The Future By Zitek

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1986. Miami Vice for the first time on French television. I take a virtual slap in the face.

Leap into the future. 2013. Just before returning to our home, we find ourselves at the same table as Michael Talbott. Zaq178, l'Argentin and me expose him the story we wrote for a possible Miami Vice, season VI comeback. Surreal. He listen religiously. "Good story," he said, drinking his Badoit. This listening to the other summarizes this Convention III. The world upside down. This should be a face-to-face, we ask questions, we are waiting for answers and it is around a table that we find ourselves. He asks us questions, he asks how we feel and he doesn't want us to leave. John Diehl and Saundra Santiago are made on the same model. Listening to our questions about the series, they tell us little secrets of the series Shooting on each other and especially a very nice gesture, even if they do not talk french, speak softly in their language so that everyone understands.

You guessed it, it is a third dream weekend we spent with our friends Saundra Santiago, Michael Talbott and John Diehl. Good time at the restaurant on saturday afternoon with Michael and Saundra, who celebrated his birthday and was delighted to celebrate with us in Paris. John came a little later after some funny adventures but not very serious.

The winter had finally given way to spring and the sun in the beautiful surroundings of the Radisson Blu Hotel on the edge of Golf Disneyland Paris. We happily enjoyed on the terrace of the hotel. Even on a Saturday night, the actors were with us to tell us stories about the series and their personal lives late into the night.

We ended up with my friends as usual if we had left the day before. Some new people came as if we had always known. No names here, they will recognize. Obviously there were those who could not come back and that we have missed. They also recognize.

Big time when Michael helped us try his Miami Vice jacket that wife of his friend John Nicolella, producer and director of the series, gave after his death in 1998.

See you soon Saundra, John and Michael. We are now in the same family.


John Diehl Michael Talbott Saundra Santiago

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